Children’s Events

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Children join us for the first part of the regular 9:30 service, including a special children’s sermon from the pastor, and then will adjourn to the Kid’s Jam.




Vacation Bible School, 2016 was a lot of fun. Thank you to all the SonSpark-VBSfamilies that participated. We hope to see you all again next year. 



The final confirmation class was April 27.  Congratulations confirmands on all of your hard work!

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Our confirmands did a great job performing “Overheard Conversations by the Cross” during our Lenten Services.  Thanks to all the kids who participated, and to the parents for their support!


Children are members too!


We thank God for the contributions our kids make to the ministry of Rejoice.  This year we trained 6 new acolytes and the younger children have been helping pass the offering plate.   In addition to  Sunday School the children are active during their children’s time in the service.  Reformation Sunday six young men received Confirmation!  The Youth and Children have helped create an atmosphere of fun and wonder.

IMG_0030 (1)September 19, 2016 will mark the 5 year anniversary of our dedication of our permanent worship site at 3413 Lowell Lane, Erie.  Our plans for the children and youth include a Children’s Choir,  Sunday School with an emphasis on learning Scripture, Children’ s Pageants, Youth Sundays,  Vacation Bible School, Lutheran Summer Camp and involvement in the liturgy and much more.  For parents of our youngest children we have a fully equiped nursery with a sound system to listen to the liturgy.  There are wonderful children’s classrooms and we are planning a  dedicated space outside for a play area .


Bring your children and help us shape the future for our kids.   Rejoice is dedicated in making our children equal participants in our faith journey.